Fattoria del Cerro, with its 94 hectares of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano vineyards recorded in the register, is the largest private estate producing Vino Nobile. The spaciousness and the different exposition of the vineyards allow selecting the best grapes to make high quality wines. Prugnolo Gentile, the grape behind Nobile di Montepulciano, is the clone of Sangiovese, typical of this area, and which, over the course of the centuries, has adapted itself to local growing conditions.


Price: 19.00

Cheery and little red fruit at the nose. Elegant and bold at the palate with a long lasting finish. Roasted meat dishes and seasoned cheese are the perfect matchings..


Price: 10.86

This medium bodied wine has a smooth taste with a good persistence. To be served between 16C /18C in medium-sized glasses . Ideal with pasta dishes with red meat or mushroom sauce or roasted meat ,chicken and stewed beef.


Price: 13.57

Younger than Vino Nobile, it has an intense and vivid ruby red colour and good concentration. The fruity aroma is intense and fine with notes of wild black cherry, violet and a slight vanilla undertone. The flavour is well balanced, elegant and it has a slight initial tannic note. Serve at 18┬░C in medium sized wine glasses. Excellent if served with appetizers first course dishes with meat sauces, stuffed pasta or casserole dishes and grilled red meats.