Located on the right bank of the Garonne river at Carignan-de-Bordeaux since 1980. A key player in marketing Bordeaux wines (Chateaus, brand wines and Grands Crus Classés), it belongs to the small circle of ‘great Bordeaux wine houses’, selling and shipping 15 million bottles of wine to around 70 countries worldwide.

Mascaron Medoc

Price: 17.64

This Medoc wine is characterised by its deep colour with flashes of violet. After suitable airing, it will reveal aromas of coffee, cedar wood and raspberry. Its superb density on the palate brings lovely mellow tannins with just the right hint of acidity. The smooth finish adds notes of cardamom and liquorice. With this wine, the House of Ginestet has sought to express all the richness and complexity of the terroirs of the Médoc.

Best enjoyed at around 16°, with game dishes such as a boar stew

MASCARON Bordeaux Blanc

Price: 14.93

With its rich, complex range of aromas, this wine gradually blossoms into nuances of toast and yellow fruit, such as peach. The aromas of passion fruit and cinnamon serve to enhance the appreciation of the length of the wine with its remarkably delicate finish.

Mascaron Bordeaux Rouge

Price: 14.93

This wine comes in a splendid garnet red colour. On the nose, it is marked by notes of black fruit intermingled with spicy fragrances, the sign of optimal ripeness. The woody aromas lend body to the wine which offers an excellent length backed by fine, silky tannins. This product, crafted from the selection of our finest vats, reflects all the know-how of the House of Ginestet. Best served at between 16° and 18 °, this red wine will be greatly appreciated with red meat (roast beef or fillet steak) or with duck fillets cooked over a wood fir

Mascaron Sauternes

Price: 16.28

The dazzling golden yellow colour heralds outstanding flavour and texture. This sweet white wine reveals aromas of quince, dried figs and apricot jelly. It carries a remarkably rich bouquet on the palate, with an ideal balance between the sugar and the alcohol. The complex, long-lasting finish brings nuances of honey and gingerbread. This Sauternes has all the necessary smoothness and tang to ensure the majestic expression of its fruitiness.

Best served chilled at between 10 and 12°C, as an aperitif or with chocolate fudge