For most, Ceretto is predominantly recognized for its extraordinary red (and white) wines, estate vineyards, exceptional quality, unique and architecturally modern wineries, and design. However, upon closer examination you will discover a whole other world, where our homeland, the Langa hills of the Piedmont, is protagonist with its collection of rare and precious gastronomic gems.



BIN 25

Price: 19.68

This wine is ruby red in color with a garnet rim. Aromas of red cherries mingle with notes of lavender, violets, and a touch of sweet almonds. On the palate, black cherries and sweet spices lead to a soft and lingering finish.

There is an exclusive use of steel in the production process in order not to contaminate the bouquet, which remains candid and pleasantly vinous, and particular attention in the macerations, deliberately short, able to contain the exuberance of the tannin (vigorously normal for Dolcetto ).



BIN 26

Price: 23.07

In the glass the wine emerges for the beautiful ruby ​​color, with purple reflections, and for the recognizability of the fruit, crunchy and succulent. In the Piedmontese ampelographic scene, Barbera is certainly the most outstanding variety in terms of the gastronomic profile: the contained tannin and the incisive acidity, in fact, make it perfect at the time of food-wine pairing and allow it to stem even the most exuberant, tasty and fat dishes.

Fermented in steel containers reinforces the characteristics of the variety, accelerating the sense of freshness and the olfactory fragrance.

Langhe Arneis BLANGÈ

Piemonte , Italy

BIN 21

Price: 21.71

Blangè is the white side of Piedmontese wines; a product that defined an era, revolutionizing Langhe winemaking that was previously devoted exclusively to red grapes. It is the product of a highly distinctive region, the Roero, and a desire to improve varietal recognition, as well as drinking pleasure. Blangè combines sustainable practices in the vineyard with a modern take. Fruit and minerality, aromatics and balanced freshness, coexist in this white wine that has made enjoyment and versatility its trademark.

Monsordo Rosso

Price: 27.14

The Monsordo Bernardina Estate in the 1990s was the scene of significant ampelographic revolutions. Alongside the traditional varieties, a series of alien cultivars were planted; the idea was to observe the potentials and limits on a territory, the Piedmontese one, capable of strongly marking the expressiveness and the yield in the glass. Monsordo is a moderately modern wine, able to tell the typicality of the varieties that generate it and also strongly marked by the Langa terroir: a wine with an international flavor but with a distinctly Piedmontese accent.

After a few years of vinification in purity, in 1997, the project of creating a single wine took shape, assembling the varieties that had best acclimatized on the territory. From that moment Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah, processed separately, are aged in wood and then united in different percentage depending on the vintage.



BIN 24

Price: 31.21

This wine has a delicate nose with hints of violets, becoming more refined and evident upon ageing. A smooth, dry and well-balanced flavor in the mouth is accompanied by nice body. It is the “Nebbiolo” that preludes the great Barolo and Barbaresco wines.

The fermentation in steel and aging in old wood give us wines with great expressive potential, complex and long-lived, protected by the doc Nebbiolo d'Alba.



Price: 61.07

It is one of the most representative climat of the denomination and it is the same symbol of the municipality of Barbaresco, able to amaze for finesse and power, for the disarming elegance and longevity. The vineyard area goes down to the foot of the hill, passing from 290 meters of the apical part, up to 200 of the valley bottom. The land is marked by the presence of Marne di S. Agata Fossili and the exposure is South / South-West. Ceretto owns the pot of the hill (just over one hectare) which, due to its particular nuances, can be considered almost an autonomous production context. The grapes of this vineyard are vinified in purity starting from the first half of the '70s.

Floating-cap fermentation, using indigenous yeasts, takes place in stainless steel tanks and lasts 14/15 days, followed by a maceration of 10/15 days. The temperature varies according to the progress of the fermentation. Malolactic fermentation is completed by the winter immediately following the harvest, after which the wine is aged in medium-sized wood barrels, no larger than 25 hl. Racking is kept to a minimum.


Barolo and Serralunga d'Alba

BIN 27

Price: 67.85

The idea of ​​combining different sensations to get the right balance is at the base of the original concept of Barolo; the most classical producers have always avoided putting the single expression of the vines in front of them in search of the right size in the glass. This is how in our classic Barolo, the two souls of the denomination coexist: the gentler one, typical of the area marked by the Tortona lands of La Morra and Barolo, of which Brunate are examples, and the more austere and masculine side of the slope made typical of lands of the Elvezian period, such as those at the base of Gabutti di Serralunga. A stylistic choice, that of wanting to synthesize the taste of the denomination itself, which gives us a rich and virile wine, able to show itself in youth and challenge evolution with the right momentum.



BIN 22

Price: 94.99

An opulent, full-bodied wine, packed with soft tannins that are already nicely evolved and silky. Very concentrated and varied on the nose, with the classic signs of flowers and red fruit in the foreground. This is a wine that fully expresses Nebbiolo’s character, with a structure destined to guarantee a lengthy cellar life in constant development.

Submerged-cap fermentation, via indigenous yeasts, occurs in stainless steel tanks. The process is concluded by a brief maceration for a total of 15/20 days. The temperature varies according to the progress of fermentation. As for the Bricco Asili, after the malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine is aged in medium-sized wood, in barrels or casks between 3 and 25 hl.


La Morra

BIN 28

Price: 135.70

This is a silky, smooth Barolo, delicately scented with roses and violets, showing great aromatic complexity. It can be enjoyed only a few months after bottling, but will continue to improve and develop in elegance for 15-20 years.

Submerged-cap fermentation, via indigenous yeasts, takes place in stainless steel tanks and lasts 14/15 days, followed by a maceration of 10/15 days. The temperature varies according to the progress of the fermentation.

Santo Stefano Moscato d’Asti

Santo Stefano

BIN 30

Price: 19.00

A sweet white wine; par excellence in dessert wine. Straw-yellow in color, of varying intensity depending on the vintage, it has an intensely fruity and characteristically aromatic nose with a nice persistency. The sweet flavor is perfectly balanced with its low alcohol content and acidity, giving the wine an inviting freshness.

It is vinified exclusively in steel tanks. Temperature controlled fermentation, stopped when the wine reaches 5% alc.vol.