The unmistakeable quality of our distillates reveals the character of our family, leading the way over the years in a story of excellence that is filled with passion, skill and commitment. A familiy story in which tradition walks along with innovation, from the most important vision of Bepi Tosolini who, before everyone else, designed a future in which grappa would turn from a humble origin product into an elegant and sophisticated distillate, for discerning drinkers. His vision has guided the choices of our distillery for over seventy-five years with a clear mission: create distillates that leave indelible emotions with every sip.


Price: 39.35

The selections of Tosolini Brandy are refined from fragrant and full-bodied red wines distilled in ancient steam stills. Few distilleries can offer customers these long aged reserves. A certificate, issued by the competent authorities, attests this slow and valuable work of nature.


Price: 25.78

Following its high quality philosophy, Bepi Tosolini has taken inspiration from traditional liqueurs to create a completely natural selection of infusions and liqueurs for discerned drinkers. LUNA NERA is an exclusive recipe which captures the intense flavour of the best liquorice from Calabria. Infusion and intensely perfumed distillate which bewitches the palate. ALL-NATURAL 0% preservatives 0% artificial flavourings 0% colourings


Price: 29.85

Amaro is a refined liqueur of fifteen different mediterranean herbs & roots. The herbs & roots are macerated and infused, then refined in ash barrels that are stored in a Venice lagoon for over four months. After that, it is blended with MOST aquavite and pure Alps water. The Amaro is full-bodied with an intense and musky taste.

MOST Amarone Barrique with Gift Box

Price: 75.79

Extremely pleasant on the palate, with intense notes of maraschino and sweet spices. Enveloping, aromatic and silky on the palate. From a fruity aftertaste

MOST Barolo Barrique with Gift Box

Price: 75.79

Extremely sweet and silky with intense notes of red fruits and spices. Enveloping, aromatic and silky on the palate. From a fruity aftertaste with an excellent persistence that reach more complex notes on the finish.

MOST Brunello Barrique with Gift Box

Price: 75.79

A blend of noble grapes with intense notes of undergrowth and hints of small fruit jam. Enveloping, aromatic and silky on the palate. From a fruity, with a very good persistence.

Grappa Vite d’Oro Classica

Price: 27.14

The marcs are distilled according to the "Tosolini method", fresh from harvest to preserve the unique aromas and perfumes of the fruit. Renowned throughout Italy this traditional regional grappa is appreciated for its delicacy and incredible aromas. Has an elegant, decisive and aromatic bouquet, reminiscent of the scent of freshly drawn grapes

Grappa Vite d’Oro Barrique

Price: 32.57

La VITE D'ORO is a traditional Friulian grappa matured in oak barrels of Slavonia in the Tosolini cellars for many months until the right maturation. The marcs are distilled according to the "Tosolini method", fresh from harvest to preserve the unique aromas and perfumes of the fruit. Notes of vanilla, tobacco and candied fruit.

Grappa Barrique in Legno Ex-Sherry

Price: 84.13

An accurate blend of richness on the palate with enveloping notes of vanilla, raisins, sweet spices and hazelnuts. The barrels of Ex-Sherry give spicy and sweet tones with a note of hazelnut, classic liqueur wines. Warm and persistent finish on the palate.

Grappa GRANDCUVÈE Aged in Oak Barrique with Wooden Box

Price: 93.63

From a variety of fresh pomace of Friulian grapes and distilled n traditional steam boilers. The passage in oak barriques gives vanilla tones and hints of spices.


Price: 25.78

Distilled in herbal steam alembics this grappa is very harmonious, natural and balanced distillate. Warm and enveloping with hints of honey and candied apricot. On the nose delicate hints of ground almonds, toffee and orange peels. With a variety of infused and distilled Italian almonds and aged brandy.


Price: 25.78

This is fine liqueur with real Arabica quality coffee which was distilled in herbal medicine steam alembics. The aroma of the real "espresso" pleasantly toasted and chocolaty, with a rounded taste with delicate notes of vanilla and caramel.

MYRTIL Wild Black Bilberry Liqueur

Price: 28.50

Alcohol Level: 24%

MYRTIL contains all the scent of wild mountain blueberries where the distillate is combined with the infusion, all 100% natural; over 2 weeks of processing and infusion after harvesting ensure an extraordinary taste.