Sarosa Syrah

BIN 13

Price: 16.28

The aroma of this Syrah gives an impression of a berry jam sweetness with notes of maraschino cherries. Its medium-bodied palate accentuates its red fruit characteristics very generously, confirming the impression given by its nose

Sarosa Sirkuzan

BIN 11

Price: 16.28

This nero d’avola is marked by an attractive open red fruitiness with touches of sweet ripe figs. Its palate makes for an easy drinking wine with marked hints of new leather and plum.

Sarosa Cabernet Sauvignon

BIN 12

Price: 16.28

This Cabernet Sauvignon expresses an intriguing minty nose with nuances of eucalyptus and wood whilst its palate gives flavours of dark red fruit supported by a rich texture.