Price: 51.57

Vintage Morgadio da Calçada 2007 benefited from the second winter to further close the intense color. In the aroma the wild fruits and dark fruits are very evident, while on the palate it has a velvety texture, contrasting in a wonderful way with a finish in which the tannins are deliciously rustic. Perfect with Serra cheese, Stilton or other blue cheeses, or with Pão de Ló or other egg based desserts.

After some very dry winters, the winter of 2006/2007 was adequate to rebalance the water reserves in the soil. In 2007, the harvest started in mid-September. Despite a brief storm on September 16 and light rain at the end of the month, the harvest took place in excellent condition. The musts exhibited a very heavy and dense color, as well as fantastic natural

1O Year Old Port

Price: 32.57

Young in bright and bright color, with an aroma of ripe fruit and dried fruits. Very balanced and with an elegant character. Fresh, long and enveloping finish.

This Tawny Morgadio da Calçada ages in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the cellars of Niepoort, in casks of Port Wine for an average of 3 years. It is largely vinified in mills, with traditional treading. The grapes are mostly from the Provezende area and other low-production vineyards in Cima Corgo.

A versatile wine that either accompanies chocolate desserts or can be served slightly fresh as an aperitif, with pates or “foie gras”.


Price: 24.43

Inky color, it has a very fine and fresh aroma with notes of cocoa and spices, but also very ripe fruit, with notes of plum and currant; in the mouth, all the aromas in a wine with structure and firmness are confirmed, although it has round tannins, resulting in an elegant set. Undoubtedly an LBV that guarantees immediate satisfaction but does not ask to be drunk, nor will it ask to be drunk until 2015-2020. As it has not been subjected to filtration, it must be decanted before being served. Gastronomically very versatile, it goes well with buttery cheeses, soft blue cheese, dark chocolate desserts or a steak au poivre.

For this 2001 LBV the grapes were selected from vines with small production in the region of Cima Corgo in the Douro Valley. Fermentation took place in traditional stone presses, with foot treading. Aging took place in large wood deposits, in order to avoid exaggerated oxidation of the wine, preserving all the fruity and fresh character resulting from grapes and fermentation. To this end, the wine was bottled at the end of 4 years of training, the minimum period for LBV.


Price: 48.85

Bright, bright and deep color, with orange-brown reflections. Delicious wine aroma, well integrated with dried fruit aroma. On the palate it shows great freshness, along with soft notes of apricot and dried figs, leading to a long and complex finish.

The year 1998 will be remembered for the high levels of rain that fell during the year, especially in the winter months and in the harvest season, while the summer months were very hot and dry. Although the rains affected the harvest of some small plots of vines destined for Port Wine, it was possible to combine them in a batch that aged for a long period in old oak barrels (550 L).

Tawny Reserve Port

Price: 21.71

Orange in color, with golden highlights, it presents a very rich aroma, with notes of very ripe fruit (grapes and raisin fig), but also dried fruit (almond and walnut), caramel and coffee. In the mouth, it has a very fresh and elegant profile with good acidity. In the long finish, dry fruits stand out.

The grapes come from different plots and different varieties typical of the Douro. Fermentation takes place in traditional lagares, with treading on foot. It then ages in the Niepoort Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, in casks with a capacity of 550l. After 6 to 7 years of aging, the different wines are blended and then bottled.

This Tawny goes well with cheese, chocolate-based desserts, nuts, eggs and caramel. It can also accompany pâtés, “fois gras” and some terrines, and can also be drunk as an aperitif, served at room temperature or slightly