At the beginning of the 90’s; leading local wine producers started importing unprocessed grapes from Italy, the move modified the local demand for foreign wines as many consumers started looking at Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon produced locally that gave better value of monies instead of the entry levels of many of the wines that were being imported. This shift created a vacuum and a new generation of local entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in re-positioning the portfolio for the wines that till that time had been imported, by focusing on getting producers who although being less commercially based where however more an imprint of the territory and region that they represented.  It was during this period that Marco Vella started establishing his own imports based on these fundamental criteria. 

He started to import a vast range of representative wines such as from Piemonte, also including its fine Grappas aged in barrique, up to excellent red wines from the Ahr Valley in Germany, at a time when local consumers were more accustomed to look out for its commercial wines.  Marco still understands to this day how important a step it was, when in 1997 he moved to a Company where he learned how fundamental it is to be respected by the Management. During these four years such respect was then transmitted to the Company’s respective clients. This was a Philosophy that remained instilled in Marco’s beliefs and that became the main criteria for all future initiatives.

The Opportunity to realize a vision came in June 2001 when Marco Vella was appointed Imports Manager with a Food Company.

The opportunity to realize a vision came in June 2001 when Marco Vella was appointed Imports Manager with a Food Company. The Company had laid its foundations on his same principals; i.e. of mutual respect to all stake holders, commitment to quality, and a sense of unique enthusiasm. By teaming within an incredible group of individuals who worked around the clock and that all rose to the occasion and together with Marco they created a name for the company in the wines sector.

MARCO VELLA WINES LTD. is committed to continue steering towards excellence in the service sector and besides the importation, the Company will be giving due attention to the local wines industry with the production and representation of GAUDEX WINES from Gozo.  We have the vocation in being one of the players that will re-establish the approach of local production with a special attention in showcasing the unique culture which makes Malta and Gozo so distinctive. 

We are among several that consider our archipelago not only a destination for peak seasons but a nation rich in heritage that while given our small territorial area, is but abundant in richness.  It would be a depravity if we do not promote our country in whatever activity we are involved. Hence we consequently promote the production of quality wines made locally besides those that are imported.  Such a vast portfolio of wines, grappa, cognacs and fine rum makes our Retailers proud to stock and offer such quality to their respective clients. The entrepreneurial HORECA investors, who are dedicated people and the professionals that run the service sector, find that our wines help complement their high quality dishes.

We as a Company want to be part of this and be able to embark with determination in contributing to the much needed success of the hospitality sector as we believe that it is the vital pinnacle of our Island’s economy.